Monday, September 12, 2011

Pilgrimage day two

So after getting off the train it was about 2pm, so we just headed for our destination for the evening, Hays Kansas with a few stops for lunch, potty, caches and just because I needed to stretch! We have our "Spot" along so if you wish to see where we have been follow this link.          Here

The Annual Pilgrimage to Jayson and Shay's

Well here it is , that time of year again and we are at Jayson and Shay's home in Missouri. We started on Sept. 7th about 8 am and reached the destination Friday evening around 5:30. On the way we saw a lot of beautiful country, this was a first for me, I have not been this way before past Green River and the Junction where we went through Moab on the way home last year. Dendra had gone with Saddie a few months before and had some things to recommend for us to do along the way. Of course we did do a few GeoCaches along the way but mostly when we had stopped for other things first, such as .... a dinosaur museum in Fruita Colorado then on to spend the night in Dillon Colorado, we had a real nice room there and also a very nice meal, Dendra seemed to like the barbequed ribs there. The next morning we stopped to ride the train at Silver Plume Colorado. I really enjoyed the ride, but when we got there it was a bit chilly and it was then I realized I had not thought of bringing a Jacket. We set about looking for a store to get one but the Gift shop was still closed so we went to the nearby town of Georgetown and was not able to find anything there but we looked at lots of neat old homes and buildings there, we found a Jacket at the Gift shop and had a great ride on the train. I took lots of photos but here are just a few. Here is a link for the Museum       Dino Museum

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Indian Peaks Geocaching

Well, last week we took a trip out to Indian Peaks with my brother Brent and His Wife Evelyn. We started out by going out the Lund Highway to the Railroad tracks then out the dirt roads. we set about following a geo trail I had mapped out and of course saw all sorts of beautiful country and even some Antelope and Wild Horses too and some neat landmarks such as an old school bus set up for a storage trailer I guess. We made it to Indian Peaks the first day and decided to camp at a nice little spot we found for the night. The next morning we continued to cache our way to Milford, we wound our way up and down and all around, through a mighty wind storm and made it back home again . this was the first time we had actually slept in the tent or even used the van for what I had tried to set it up for and I was very pleased with the performance. I really liked the All Wheel Drive and limited slip differential it made for a smooth trouble free ride without stopping to lock hubs and such, it just kicked in and done it's job then back out again when not needed smooth as silk! We did have a couple of minor issues which are being taken care of now, a slight overheating tendency and squealing front brakes. Brents Vanagon of course performed flawlessly and seemed to be able to go anywhere whereas my astro seemed to be limited by the operator! I am looking forward to our next excursion, hopefully with Brent and Evelyn again, they were a lot of fun to travel with and the were good sports about stopping every few miles for another cache.